Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not All Wheatgrass Products are the Same

Dear Readers,

I've been asked many times how different this wheatgrass product that I endorse versus the many options available in the market today. Aside from the fact that it is very convenient to take, tastes relatively well, and costs less per drink, it really is more nutritious due to its inclusion of the roots. This is made possible through its patented Indoor Organic Aeroponic Cultivation (IOAC) technology.

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Indoor Organic Aeroponic Cultivation (IOAC)

IOAC is patented, award-winning cultivation method recognized in Malaysia and Geneve, Switzerland. In this cultivation method, wheatgrass is grown indoors in a fully automated and sterile laboratory. This allows us to have full control over the moisture, temperature and indoor growing environment of the wheatgrass to ensure optimal growing conditions. Aeroponic farming means that our wheatgrass is grown in the air without the use of soil or water as a base as in traditional farming or hydroponics. This allows the roots to grow and stay sterile making it possible for the company to process and include the roots of wheatgrass in every sachet of wheatgrass powder. All essential minerals and nutrients that the regular wheatgrass absorbes from the soil, is mixed with the water that is misted evenly on to the farm 8 times every day to ensure that each tray of wheatgrass gets equal amounts of moisture and nutrients. Artificial sunlight is provided by special lights that simulate the same lighting properties as natural sunlight.

Aeroponic farming is also employed in IOAC to intentionally subject the wheatgrass to stress from the absence of soil and low temperatures maintained in the farm. These conditions force the plant to produce ABSCISSIC ACID which is an essential enzyme that is highly effective in fighting cancer cells or can help prevent cancer formation. This plant hormone turned enzyme can only be found in the most amounts in Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass.

One pound of fresh Easy Pha-max wheatgrass with leaves and roots goes into every 2g sachet of wheatgrass powder. This is the most amount of fresh wheatgrass per serving that you will find anywhere in the market. The fresh wheatrgass is dried and processed through centrifugation and turned into a fine powder for ease of consumption and the convenience of our consumers. No other product matches this amount on a per peso basis. Don't be fooled 8-)

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Wheatgrass Man