Saturday, May 16, 2009

Becoming Healthy with Wheatgrass

All of us should get back to good health, the natural and preventive way. In this day and age, getting sick can be expensive, or worse, might even cost you your job. So many products today give many promises but in my opinion, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Last year, I was introduced to this "miracle food" called wheatgrass. I consider myself a healthy person (at least that's what I thought) and my regular annual executive checkup was essentially "ok". I did find though that as I was getting older (I'm 37 years old now), my energy level wasn't the same as it used to be. My BMI (body mass index) was also above normal treshold, so I was a little overweight. My doctor wanted me to bring down my weight to 165 lbs from about 180 then. Ofcourse I thought it was a crazy idea, the last time I weighed that much was when I was still in college.

So I did consider trying wheatgrass, but didn't want the hassle of juicing it myself. Good that with the advent of technology, there was now a powder version of wheatgrass which you mix with water and drink straight up. I expected a really "grassy" taste, but to my surprise it wasn't that "grassy" :-). I also tried the powder version with honey and it gave a natural sweet taste.

Drinking wheatgrass first thing in the morning gave my body a certain "kick". I noticed that I was able to go through 10 hours in the day without a drop of energy, and the usual sleepy feeling after lunch wasn't there anymore. I also did notice that my bowel movement became more regular. After a month of drinking wheatgrass, I started to lose a few pounds ...

The active component of wheatgrass if you recall elementary science is Chlorophyll. Advocates call it the natural green blood, because of its resemblance to the chemical composition of Heme, our own blood. The similarity of the molecular structure between Chlorophyll and Heme results in the effective assimilation of phytonutrients by the body and makes it a powerful blood purifier

Why do they call it Miracle Food? Studies done show that 15lbs of wheatgrass is equivalent to eating 350lbs of veggies! Imagine that, it is difficult to eat that much vegetables but it is certainly easy to drink one glass of wheatgrass daily.

Wheatgrass has been used historically by patients of cancer and other diseases for years to get back to good health. Certainly, this topic is a controversial one but there are many many cases of testimonials around the world on this. I for one have met a Lupus survivor here in Manila, a 19-year old student who after using conventional medicine and burning through cash, she didn't get well. After taking wheatgrass twice a day for 5 months, she got healed!

My personal experience after 5 months of wheatgrass and doing a 3-Day Detox (more to this in another article) is I lost 20 lbs, and now back to a normal BMI of 24.75. And the reason I'm sharing this with you is because it really works!

To Good Health,

Wheatgrass Man


Jules said...

I do like wheatgrass. Usually add some to my blend at Jamba Juice : ).

Jules @ Adventures with a Wok

Wheatgrass Man said...

One of the tips I got from a successful restaurant owner is mixing wheatgrass with fresh, ice cold coconut drink. You may want to try it! :-)