Saturday, March 6, 2010

Problem getting pregnant? Wheatgrass to the rescue!

After being a "grass pusher" for more than a year now, I continue to be amazed on the many benefits of wheatgrass. This time, I got an interesting message from a friend who sent me a note on Facebook, it read:

"Pare itong wheatgrass ba can improve fertility (sperm motility,,etc..)? kasi we just found out that my wife is pregnant again (for our 3rd child). The last time she got pregnant was 5 years ago. Itong wheatgrass lang naman ang major change sa diet ko and yung endurance running ko. Im just curious.."

I had a theory and I told him that it is possible that with him being more active and healthy that it has increased his frequency of you know what. But aside from that, if you look at it scientifically, there is actually a link - MAGNESIUM.

I had written in the past that wheatgrass is green blood. It has a very similar molecular structure as hemoglobin, the only difference being is that magnesium is at the core of chlorophyll in wheatgrass vs iron in blood.

The high content of magnesium in wheatgrass actually builds enzymes that increase fertility hormones. A small clinical study of infertile women as well as women with a history of miscarriage found that low levels of magnesium may impair reproductive function and increase the risk for miscarriage. The authors of the study suggest that one aspect of the treatment of infertility (particularly in women with a history of miscarriage) should include magnesium along with selenium. More research in this area is needed though. For more info, read Magnesium Miracle, by Carolyn Dean MD,ND.

There are many other practical ways to increase fertility. Some of the good ones I found are in this site:

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