Sunday, March 20, 2011

DETOX Life Camp Part 2

Friends, join us for another Detox Life Camp this coming Saturday, March 26, at the St. Giles Hotel. 

Discover and experience the most effective colon-cleansing and weight-loss product through a MALAYSIA-REGISTERED DIETITIAN AND A LIFE CAMP MASTER IN MANY COUNTRIES, Ms. Penny Chong
She has a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and will talk about the Power of the So Easy Colon Cleanse and how it works inside the body. She will share her own 15-day colon cleansing experience and the "So Easy" success stories of people from other countries.

Lose weight in 3 days and maintain it for life with the help of a U.S.- REGISTERED DIETITIAN, MS. CHESHIRE QUE
She'll share secrets in controlling our food cravings, simple ways to perk up your metabolism, correct food selection, and proper food portion serving without measuring tools. Cheshire is actively engaged in clinic counseling and in helping several patients with weight problems.

Be colon cancer-proof through the guidance of respected ONCOLOGIST, DR. ANTHONY ABAD
Colon Cancer is deadly but it can be prevented. If you have a family history of colon cancer or you just want to avoid it, you can get away from the colon's "kiss of death" which you will learn at the camp.

Jackie Lou Blanco
Learn simple moves that will boost metabolism with ACTRESS/HOST, MS. JACKIE LOU BLANCO, SLIMMERS WORLD'S GREAT BODIES WINNER IN 2001
Fast metabolism is a key factor in maintaining the ideal weight. Let Jackie Lou, the SO EASY Wellness Ambassador teach you how to achieve that. 

Registration Fee (P8,900) includes 1 set of So Easy Colon Cleanse, goody bag, learning sessions with the experts and wellness checks (Body Mass Index, blood sugar, blood pressure, level of hydration, muscle mass, body fat, visceral (stomach) fat level, metabolic age).



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