Friday, November 23, 2012

Stay Young Again, with YTE

Today I wanted to start a series of discussions on Young Tissue Extract, otherwise known as YTE. This is starting to create some noise here in Manila, and it's worth looking into.

YTE is derived from fertilized hen eggs that are incubated just until they reach the preembryonic stage. As the eggs approach this stage, biological substances are activated that exhibit favorable metabolic properties. The biological substances derived from the eggs are from protein fractions extracted at a precise point in development when key nutrients reach their peak concentration.

According to its proponents, YTE contains a natural combination of nutrients, including amino acids, glycopeptides, and oligopeptides, which form after fertilization. Once an egg is fertilized, a tremendous amount of activity takes place, including cellular growth, which is supported by the development of a high concentration of nutrients.

But the question is, can you not get these from nutritious foods today? What about the risk of salmonella. Also, not all eggs are the same. And cholesterol? You bet, that can be an issue. But according to the "experts" of YTE, in the pre-embryonic stage, 90% of cholesterol is consumed by the egg itself, so it shouldn't be a problem - well at least in theory.

Supplements based on YTE is said to slow down the aging process.

What do you think?