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Sharing this article from the Daily Tribune written by my friend Happy Tugade. - Wheatgrass Man

Colon and prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes, anemia and constipation, obesity and premature aging, bad breath and body odor: what we would all pay to cure these conditions or at least prevent them from afflicting us?

Not much, it seems, or at least not as much as a lifelong regimen of therapies and maintenance medicines would cost us and that not just in money. A food-supplement remedy for these ills first tested successfully in the US in the 1930s, it has amassed a loyal following over the decades, even with members of the medical community.

Who would think all these restorative properties would be found in grass, specifically wheatgrass (*Triticum aestivum*), the plant that when full-grown yields wheat flour for our bread? This humble herb is said to be effective in detoxifying the body and making it alkaline by eliminating excessive acids and neutralizing the pH level of the body. Too much animal protein, fat, preservatives and artificial sweeteners make the body acidic. Wheatgrass, like greens, unpolished grains, vegetables and fruit, makes it alkaline. It does this through its active component chlorophyll, 17 amino acids, 10 minerals, 13 vitamins including A, C, E, and B complex, fiber and over 100 enzymes.

The wonder herb can be grown and juiced at home. Abroad, it is dispensed in juice bars alone, or in mixed fruit and/or vegetable drinks. It is sold in many health food stores fresh, in tablet form, frozen juice or powder. An average dose of 3.5 grams (powder or tablets) is consumed per day or a fresh-squeezed 30 milliliter shot once daily. A higher dose up to 2–4 oz taken 1-3 times per day on an empty stomach and before meals is recommended for more therapeutic benefits. Users may increase their intake to 3–4 times per day for detoxification. However, persons with a poor diet may experience nausea on high dosages of wheatgrass.

Easy Pha-max, the Malaysian Largest Producer of Wheatgrass and maker of Wheatgrass Powder Drink now available locally, is recognized and certified by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia; the Food and Drug Administration of the US; the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand; the National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia; the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan; and the Bureau of Food and Drugs of the Philippines.

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Powder Drink is mixed with cold or room-temperature water and taken on an empty stomach upon waking up in the morning. Dr. Hans Fischer and associates noticed that the human blood is practically identical to chlorophyll on the molecular level and can stimulate blood production. Increase of blood cells means better circulation and oxygenation and rapid body cleansing. A British study also found that animals made anemic through bleeding sped up their hemoglobin regeneration when fed with raw unrefined chlorophyll, they said. (US studies in the 1930s also found that animals could survive on grass alone but failed on other well-known healthy vegetables like carrots and spinach.) Chlorophyll has also been found by a Texas study to inhibit the activity of carcinogens and (by a Hawaii study) to shield the body from the effects of carcinogens from smoked meats and food molds. Its antiseptic properties were the subject of an article in the *American Journal of Surgery*, which suggested that the chlorophyll helps clear up foul odors, neutralize strep infections, heal wounds and hasten skin grafting. Gahan, Kline and Finkle also reported the benefits of chlorophyll in treating gastro-intestinal ulcers and colitis.

It is also the chlorophyll that, when taken in adequate quantities, reduces or eliminates offensive body and breath odors caused by food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco and metabolic changes. Wheatgrass also contains significant amounts of the
antioxidant [Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which protects DNA from damage by free radicals, as well as the compound P4D1, a glycol protein, which stimulates the repair of damaged DNA. It promotes bowel movement and helps flush out toxins in the liver, and beats aspirin's anti-inflammatory effects through the combines potency of the glycol proteins D1G1 and P4D1 and the antioxidant SOD.

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass, however, is unique in that it is grown indoors in a sterile, air-conditioned environment aeroponically, that is, without soil, which enables makers Easy Pha-max to use both the leaves and the roots in making the powder. Only balanced and complete nutrients developed in the firm's laboratories using organic raw materials are fed to the growing plants that are harvested after eight days. Japanese research found that eight days is enough time for wheatgrass to maximize its full health potentials. Processing, drying, and packing are also done under low temperatures. Now available in the country, Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass was awarded the silver medal in the 28th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products 2000 for Indoor Aeroponic Cultivation Method for Wheatgrass. It was also the first wheatgrass tea producer awarded the Superbrands Malaysia 2005 status by the Malaysian Consumers and the Superbrands Council.

"We believe that there is a world trend to change from synthetic to alternative medicine, and we know it's going to be big in Asia," Mr. Edward Ling, CEO of Easy Pha-max Philippines, was quoted as saying. The company reportedly has projects underway to maximize herbal products in the Philippines in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology and Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. Mr. Ling said that 120 local herbal species are proven to be medicinally useful and Easy Pha-max would like to bring these herbal products to the world through our global platform.

"Philippine herbal products will make a big impact and enhance the livelihood and economy (of the country)," Mr. Ling said.

For more information on Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass powder, visit

The Philippine headquarters of the company is at 10/F Herrera Tower, 98 V.A. Rufino corner Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines. Contact numbers are (632) 890-1111 or Toll-Free at 1-80010-890-1111. Mention the code MIRACLE FOOD to avail of a special discount. You may text your inquiries to (0917) 861-2008, (0918) 951-2008, or (0927) 426-0430.


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Wonderful post on wheat grass. Wheat grass is known as the sprouted version of wheat kernels, called the food of the Gods. Wheat germ grass is very useful for health. It is rich in proteins. It has so many benefits like it has anti-aging properties, it is detoxifier, toner, it act as cleanser, reduces cholesterol, pain reliever, purifies blood, fights infections etc.

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Good Article. Where do we get wheatgrass powder in Japan? Can I get e-mail id of Japan Wheatgrass powder dealers/distributors?

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